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It is made an approach to the related knowledge and science with the Pharmacy and Medicine. From the pre-technical antiquity, Greece and Rome, the Renaissance and modern science, the industrial revolution and centuries XX and XXI. It is always present health care, as well as medicine and pharmacy, food components, hygiene and physical activity.

Refer to the gods of medicine and pharmacy, the influence of Hippocrates and Galen and some contributions in the middle ages particularlly by Pope John XXI (Pedro Hispano). In the Renaissance there is an explosion of knowledge and the discoveries begin the commercialization of new pharmaceutical drugs. Galileo gives the start to modern science culminating in industrialization. In the twentieth and twenty-first century with the development of science, nanotechnology and information and communication technologies (ICT) are witnessing a revolution of the information society and is creating new concepts in health care - health ICT (eHealth ) and mobile health (mHealth) - and new means of diagnosis and treatment.

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